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Improving Everyday Life With Purposeful Technology


Driving a Sustainable Future

We care for Sustainability of this environment and develop our services and product

Addressing environmental challenges to protect our planet for future generations requires dedication, proactive strategies, and a commitment to continuous improvement. At Xpanov, we aim to make a positive environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions in our operations and value chain, and by conducting our business responsibly.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and smart data usage to build solutions that benefit everyone – from our clients to the broader society. Embracing circular economy practices, such as recycling and reusing hardware, is central to our mission of enhancing our operational responsibility.

In partnership with our ecosystem, we create innovative technology that aims to reshape the world for the better. Our efforts are focused where we can make the most significant impact: operating our offices and data centers with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and minimizing business travel. We also acknowledge and work to mitigate our CO2 emissions throughout our value chain.

At Xpanov, we are driven by the belief that sustainable practices are essential to our mission of driving a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Operational Excellence

Our Founder, is a young woman with a heart full of entrepreneurial dreams, grew up in humble beginnings, her childhood marked by hardship and struggle. Yet, amidst the adversity, her spirit remained unbroken, her dreams burning bright. Working at a start-up firm, her dedication and expertise shone through, she felt grateful for her employer. However, her vision is to build a futuristic product Bridging the Digital and Physical World. So she decided to take a bold decision and quite her job and start XPANOV

We fuel business growth through a potent mix of Technology Services + Sales and Marketing Services, Our gaze is set firmly on the future; we envision creating an innovative product to enrich lives. Currently bootstrapping our ambition, we are dedicated to service excellence and keep growing.

Operational excellence and story of our firm


Meet the Founders



She's a paradox of calm confidence and fierce ambition.  She loves Pets. Trust is her secret weapon, both for her clients and her team. But her real power? Inspiring others, especially young women, to chase their dreams with the same fire she has for technology and changing the world. Committed to excellence and sustainability, Latha leads our team in creating impactful solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment.

Founder, CEO of Xpanov Solutions



A Silent Hunter and strategic leader hunts opportunities with stealth and creativity, not settles for anything simple. He's not just a salesman, he's a growth architect, building bridges between clients and technology/growth dreams with every deal.  His sharp insights and dedication make him an invaluable asset in driving our success. He has been instrumental in shaping Xpanov’s mission of creating a sustainable future.



He brings over 13 years of experience in the technology industry. With a proven track record in driving digital transformation and innovation, excels in developing sustainable, cutting-edge solutions. His expertise spans across software development, cloud computing, and data analytics, ensuring Xpanov stays at the forefront of technological advancements. 


XPANOV in the News

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