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Changing the Way the World Does Business

Building Lasting Relationships

Businesses often struggle with the time-consuming and repetitive task of cold emailing, which typically yields a response rate of just 1-2%. Manual mailbox switching further complicates the process and reduces efficiency.

ColdmailX, our AI-powered cold outreach platform, revolutionizes lead generation by automating the process. It saves hundreds of hours through automated mailbox switching, allowing your team to focus on engaging with qualified leads. Our platform uses intelligent algorithms to optimize email delivery times and personalize messages, increasing the chances of positive responses and successful conversions.

ColdmailX: AI Powered Cold Outreach Platform

Generating quality leads is a persistent challenge for businesses. Startups and SMEs often lack resources and expertise, while larger enterprises may face difficulties maintaining a consistent pipeline, with 61% of marketers citing lead generation as their top challenge.

Xpanov provides end-to-end lead generation services, acting as an extended team for your business. Our tailored approach, which includes list building, positioning, messaging/copy, and email marketing, can increase lead generation efficiency by up to 42%. Our targeted strategies ensure that outreach efforts are effective, resulting in a 33% higher conversion rate and a robust sales pipeline. One client, for example, saw a 50% increase in meeting bookings within three months of partnering with us.

Lead Generation

Navigating the complex B2B sales landscape requires advanced skills and strategies. Many sales teams lack access to proven frameworks, leading to missed opportunities and suboptimal performance. Studies show that 75% of B2B sales teams do not achieve their sales targets.

Xpanov’s sales consulting and coaching services offer transformative B2B sales training. Our proven frameworks, tactics, and strategies have generated millions in revenue for our clients. By working closely with our expert coaches, your team can improve their skills and techniques, resulting in a 20% increase in sales productivity and a 25% rise in closing rates. 

Sales Consulting and Coaching

The fast-evolving tech landscape presents challenges for professionals and students seeking to stay current. Generic courses often fail to meet individual needs, with 60% of learners reporting that pre-recorded lessons do not provide sufficient engagement or real-time feedback.

Xpanov offers personalized, live 1:1 training on various technology and coding courses. Our customized lessons cater to specific learning goals, resulting in a 35% improvement in knowledge retention and skill application. Participants receive certification upon completion, validating their new skills. One success story includes a professional who transitioned to a senior developer role within six months of completing our program, thanks to the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge gained.

Technology Training and Certfication

B2B Lead generation and Sales approach

Helping B2B Companies Across Industries Globally

You get leads that open a conversation vocalizing real interest in you.

Our leads go beyond traditional marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) from PPC campaigns. They actively engage by writing back to you via email, demonstrating a genuine interest in opening a conversation. This intentional interaction signifies a deeper level of engagement compared to conventional marketing steps, ensuring your team connects with prospects who are truly interested.

Step 1. Research & Data
We dive deep into gathering data from your business to understand your prospects better than anyone else.
**Conventional Way**
- Basic understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
- Broad pain point research
**Our Method**
- Detailed data collection to prioritize research from the start
- Matching data with our ICP
- Data layering
- Analyzing client composition
- In-depth pain point research
- Using secondary data for contextual insights

Step 2. Email Deliverability
Ensuring your emails reach the right inboxes with optimal technical setups.
Common Setups
- Minimal technical setup (one domain, a few inboxes)
- High volume approach
- Basic warm-up
- Involvement of primary domain
Our Method
- Implementing MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
- Using secondary domains with grouped inbox setups
- Rotating inboxes
- Analyzing spam words for each campaign
- Utilizing Spintax
- Double-validation where necessary
- Timing buffers for sending emails
- Prioritizing relevance targeting
- Volume management through segmented micro-campaigns
- Step-calibrated warm-up
- Continuous domain reputation monitoring

Step 3. List Building
Creating ultra-targeted segments with our data expertise for highly relevant messaging.
Conventional List Building
- Example: 'Tech companies in the UK under 500 employees'
- Minimal data layering
Our Method
- Example: 'Tech companies in the US under 500 employees that offer data automation services and are hiring AI and data engineers.'
- Using trigger, intent, and signal data for precise segmentation
- Layering multiple data points for ultra-relevancy.

Step 4. Messaging/Copy
Crafting engaging and effective sales copy.
Common Issues
- Sales copy that sounds pushy or too casual
Our Method
- Writing in a quick, colloquial, and honest style
- Using techniques like push/pull and justifications to build trust and engage readers
- Avoiding generic 'Hey, are you looking for X to help with Y?' phrases
- Creating smart, earnest, and inviting messages
Our approach ensures that every step of the outbound process is optimized for maximum engagement and results, setting us apart from conventional methods.

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